We have a team dedicated solely to power delivery, with the resources and expertise needed to successfully complete installations in some of the most challenging situations.

Not only do we site, design, and install the conventional and renewable power plants safely and efficiently, but also simultaneously work to gain public acceptance, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve bottom-line performance.

Electrical posts

Setting international benchmarks, we use the latest technology to manufacture, distribute and install electrical posts in prestressed concrete for clients all around the world.

Our work is made to last as we focus on total quality and sustainability. The top priorities for our production line are to ensure the electrical posts are 25 - 30% lighter than those made with reinforced concrete, built with the highest strength of steel, and made for minimal corrosion.

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  • Consulting services
  • Project development assistance 
  • Site development
  • Energy audits
  • Conventional and renewable Power plant
  • Production of 9m and 12m electric reinforced concrete posts
  • Installation and construction management
  • Pre-construction design and engineering consulting
  • Environmental mitigation and compliance